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Marin Residence

imageRainwater is captured off the upper-level metal roofs & drains and fed by gravity to a 20,000-gallon cistern. This cistern was converted from an existing swimming pool on the property by restoring the interior plaster and constructing a concrete slab over the pool’s top.

To make use of the concrete cap over the cistern, the landscape plan developed this area as a courtyard patio.

image image image

image In order to meet all of the water demands for the future irrigation, the harvesting system required more storage capacity. Making use of the property’s sloped condition, two additional 5,000-gallon tanks were placed at the bottom corner of the property. These above ground poly-tanks capture the overflow from the cistern and complete the 30,000 + gallon storage system.

System Facts:
o   Active rooftop collection system
o   2,500 sq feet catchment area
o   Metal standing seem roofing
o   Filters = gutter screens, vortex first flush
o   Cistern -converted pool = 20,000 + gals
o   Above ground tanks = 10,000+ gals
o   Usage = landscape & green roof irrigation

The seasonally captured rainwater is filtered at several points along its path and is finally distributed throughout the property during the dry season via the pressurized irrigation system. The vegetative living roof can be fully supported by the rainwater captured from the same building.  This project represents a wonderful example of a hybrid roof system that operates to perform multiple beneficial functions for the overall property.

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