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SYMBIOS offers a range of services designed to make properties and their associated development ‘eco-smart’.


Whole-property Infrastructure Audits

We conduct on-site audits of your existing property’s resources, features and buildings. We evaluate and assess the best strategies to employ and to re-model the property towards energy independence.

Audit report example:
-  How to maximize solar income for energy production?(passive & active systems)?
-  How to best integrate independent energy systems (all types).
-  Reassess existing water treatment systems – wells or springs.?
-  Assess rainwater-harvesting potential.
-  Evaluate greywater system potential.
-  Determine the effective energy conservation improvements to employ
-  Evaluate existing HVAC equipment for improvements.

NOTE: Audits are reimbursable on the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP)

Independent Energy System Plans

We examine the opportunities available within developed properties. This re-visioning process allows owners to up-grade older properties with new green energy technologies to become energy independent. We specify and engineer the best-integrated system to meet the required energy demands of the property. We know that the greatest efficiency typically comes from combining several systems to create a cost-effective and high-performance based system.

NOTE: Energy system plans are reimbursable on the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP)

Construction management

The most effective results come from complete follow-through from design to installation. SYMBIOS, in conjunction with professional associates, can manage the project through to completion.


For clients with limited budgets, we offer cost-effective consultation sessions.


Whole property infrastructure planning

At SYMBIOS, we conduct extensive studies of your property’s resources and features. Then we evaluate the best area for siting, roads, buildings energy systems, water features, etc.  With this information, we establish the best green infrastructure strategies of today when planning out for tomorrow.

-Placement of building to maximize solar income?
-  Siting of road or driveways to minimize environmental impacts
-  Best positioning for independent energy systems
-  Water development systems– wells and springs
-  Farming vs. wildlands
-  Water harvesting potential?
-  Scaled site plans and mapping
-  Code research and documentation

Energy Design and Plans

At SYMBIOS, we know the best and most effective green technology systems on the market today. We specialize in capturing the benefits of one system and increasing its utilization by incorporating it with another system.We can design, specify and engineer any one or integrate multiple systems into your project.

Energy production systems

-  Solar electrical (PV)
-  Wind Power?
-  Geo-thermal ?
-  Bio-fuels ?
-  Solar water heating
-  Hydronic heating & cooling
-  Solar hydrogen

Integrated Engineering

When developing an unimproved property, there is a need to involve numerous licensed professional engineers to produce a full construction document set. SYMBIOS will coordinate, direct and assemble the calculations/reports from our engineering associates into an integrated whole. The collaborative process culminates in a planning document set ready for governmental approval and project permitting.

-  Civil ?
-  Structural ?
-  Septic ?
-  Mechanical?
-  Electrical?
-  Solar?
-  Energy Management?
-  Site surveyor?
-  LEED consultant

Green Infrastructure DesignSYMBIOS specializes in state–of-the-art environmentally sound infrastructure systems. We can design, engineer and integrate multiple systems into your project.


-  Indoor green walls –air filtration
-  Living roofs - storm-water management?
-  Water system treatment - non-chemical
-  Waste systems – bio-filtration

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