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imageSYMBIOS is a unique company dedicated to developing how the built world and green spaces can interact in a healthy way.

As architectural design professionals and experienced builders for over 21 years, Symbios offers full services from pre-design consultation (Imagineering) to design development (Design & Plans) to value engineering (Engineering).

Imagineering -

Project envisioning and design conception studies are conducted for any type of future development project.  Whether it is a new piece of undeveloped land or an existing property with buildings, SYMBIOS can create a building strategy that is ecologically responsive, healthy and inspiring.

Design process may include:
- Conceptual design
- Schematic plans
- Mapping
- Visual Imaging

We provide Imagineering services for residential and commercial projects.

Design and Plannning -

We offer a full range of services based on developing ecologically sound architectural designs.  We employ state-of-the-art computer modeling systems (BIM) as well as using various art mediums and 3-D modeling for representation.

Typical design process includes:
- Conceptual design
- Design development
- Engineering with associates
- Construction documentation
- Permitting

Engineering -

We work with a talented team of engineering associates.  We coordinate, direct and assemble their calculations and reports into an integrated whole. The collaborative process culminates in a planning document set ready for governmental approval and permitting.

- Civil
- Structural
- Septic
- Mechanical
- Electrical
- Landscape
- Solar
- Energy Management
- Site surveyors
- LEED consultant

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