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living roofs

Living Roofs

A planting plan was developed with sweeping fields of succulent species (12 groundcover species) to create an impression of flowing movement that follows (reflects) the main axis of the two buildings. 

The roofs are irrigated directly by utilizing the tertiary treated wastewater from the facility’s operations. The recycled water is held in an open-air sculpted holding pond (500,000 gals) that is situated adjacent to the buildings with the living roofs. The recycled (wastewater) allows the vegetation to be irrigated without the use of any potable use of water.

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In the western United States where seasonal drought is an annual event, this green roof project clearly demonstrates the appropriate use of this reclaimed water resource. During the annual dry season (summer/autumn), the reclaimed water is introduced into the City’s recycled water system and used for irrigation of agricultural lands, two golf courses, vineyards and the treatment facility’s two greenroofs.

The city currently generates over 700 million gallons of reclaimed water per year, which could theoretically support millions of square feet of green roofs within the city.

In order to meet a net zero runoff requirement goal for the project the living roof was integrated with a series of ground level bioswales and rain gardens.  By combining the two systems together we have been successful at keeping all of the stormwater on site.

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