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living roofs

Living Roofs

Garden roofs are so beautiful why not literally ‘live’ on them?  Designing spaces to inhabit among the plants is a tremendous way to appreciate the living nature of a green roof. Paths, patios or decks can be integrated with the living roofscape for occupying.
a downtown rooftop oasis

Depending on the building’s structural system, the depth of these systems can range from semi-intensive to well over 20 inches of rooftop soil.  This will permit a variety of different landscape environments to be developed: from meadows to food gardens to rooftop forests.

a rooftop view of the nearby ocean

Common features associated with rooftop gardens are:
    • Outdoor cooking areas
    • Gathering and lounge space
    • Water features
    • Play lawns or meadows
    • Rooftop agriculture
    • Fireplace features

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