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Eco-building projects require a strong inter-disciplinary design and engineering approach in order to create truly effective and long lasting results.

Meet Darrel Deboer

imageDarrel is a licensed California architect and an avid practitioner of ecological design for over 20 years. He is also renown for his expertise on Bamboo design and construction. He is the author of the bamboo chapter in several books, including Alternative Construction, The Art of Natural Building and Bamboo Style.

Darrel has worked extensively with green construction systems such as straw-bale, earthen plasters, passive energy designed buildings and sustainably produced building materials. Metropolitan Home Magazine ranked Darrel as 1 of the 100 most influential designers and top 10 green architects in 2001.  He earned is Bachelors degree from the College of Architecture & Environmental design from Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, California.

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