Earthrise House

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Earthrise house - east facade

Earthrise House

Living roof meets earth. Sprawling over 6,000 square feet this earth-sheltered residence rises seamlessly out the land.

A remodeled driveway court with a teardrop shaped planted island begins the mysterious approach to the house. Flanked by bold rockscape integrated living roofs one slowly descends down into the house .

A planting palette of mostly California native plants combined with selective drought-tolerant Mediterranean-type perennials were selected for wildlife habitat.

A wildland fire protection sprinkler system was integrated into the living roof. The fully automated system saved the residence during a fierce firestorm in 2019. 

Rooftop view - north
Driveway court & tear drop island - front entry
Planting in bloom
Monkey flower in bloom
Boulder in roofscape
Garden courtyard view from roof
Garden court view from roof
roofscape view east
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Installation :
System :
Semi-intensive to intensive
Location :

Healdsburg, CA
United States

Plantings :
CA Native and Mediterranean-type perennials
Maintenance :
Irrigation :
Drip system & external wildland fire suppression system - spray
Project Scope :
Living Roof
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