Green Acres

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Pool to cistern conversion

Green Acres

In this LEED platinum home, rainwater is harvested and reutilized for both irrigation and for flushing indoor toilets.

The captured rainwater from the home’s upper metal roofs are conveyed by gravity to a converted pool now water storage cistern.

The Pool-to-cistern conversion holds 18,000 gallons of captured rainwater. The irrigation reuse water is untreated other then sediment filtration for the rooftop vegetation. The reuse water entering the house receives UV purification prior to use in the toilets.

Rainwater collection and irrigation of living roof
Cistern concrete lid
Existing old pool
Controls and filters
Soil cover over cistern
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Sonoma, CA
United States

Project Team :
Hammond Fine Homes, Dan Smith Architects, Sherwood
Water system :

Rainwater harvesting & ground water as backup

Irrigation :
Spray-drip hydrid
Project Scope :
Eco-Water Systems
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