La Hayes Studio

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Storage tank

La Hayes Studio

A downtown location with no property required the storage tanks to live within the occupy space of the building.

Three 1,500 gallon storage tanks are housed within the artist workshop space and an adjacent courtyard. The tanks are plumbed together and a pump transports the water up to the urban garden rooftop landscape.

During gallery showing and workshop events the guests can view the captured rainwater through the semi-transparent indoor tanks.

Rainwater system design
Indoor storage tank
outdoor storage tank
Roof garden irrigated with rainwater
Year :
Size :
4,500 Gals
Design :
Installation :
System :
Rainwater Harvesting
Location :

Sonoma, CA
United States

Water system :

Rainwater harvesting, municipal backup

Irrigation :
Spray-drip hydrid
Project Scope :
Eco-Water Systems
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