Pope Valley Residence

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Water storage tank

Pope Valley Residence

A mountain top pine forest with stunning valley views was the perfect place for this new eco-home. The remote rural location meant self-sufficiency and sustainable design was to be the mission.

An onsite water reuse system covered a number of vital uses for the property.  A 30,000-gallon metal tank collects harvested rainwater from the roof. A greywater system processes domestic discharge water from the home to supplement the rainwater for landscape irrigation.

The designed system was also employed to provide wildland fire fighting protection. Towards the end of the annual dry season the depleted rainwater storage tank is filled by a gravity supplied natural spring. The 30,000 gallons can be utilized in defense of an approaching wildland fire.

Storage tanks rainwater and treated domestic water
Storage tank under construction
Tank foundation ring & pad
Prefilter of system
Prefiler and auto flush cleaner
Roof rainwater collectors
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30,000 Gals
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System :
Rainwater harvesting
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Pope Valley, CA
United States

Project Team :
Redhorse Construction
Water system :

Onsite water reuse

Irrigation :
Drip-spray hybrid
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Eco-Water Systems
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