Urban Sky Court

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Roof Garden with water feature

Urban Sky Court

The rooftop of a live-work artist studio converted the rooftop into a rooftop oasis.

Stepping across pavers within a flowing water-filled canal into the living roof garden. An Ipe deck leads to a resting bench for contemplation.

Contained on all sides by 10-foot high walls the sound of bustling urbanity is kept at bay. 

A sliding accordion door system opens the studio up to views of the outdoor garden oasis and living wall.

Outdoor rooftop courtyard with living roof & walls
rooftop courtyard garden
Waterfall feature
rooftop courtyard living roof & wall
rooftop garden court
Plantings by canal
Folding window to courtyard




Year :
Design :
Installation :
System :
Semi-intensive 6"
Location :

San Francisco, CA
United States

Plantings :
Succulents and perennials mix
Project Team :
SIOL Architects, Habitat Horticulture
Irrigation :
Drip-spray hybrid
Project Scope :
Living Roof
Project Class :
Project Categories :
Roof Garden
Project Type :

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