Wildland Fire Protection

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Flame sensor - earthwise house

Wildland Fire Protection

When your home and landscape are one of the same how do you develop protection against destructive wildland fires? A properly design external fire sprinkler system can be the superhero that saves the day.

Fully automatic and energy independent system operates much like a sentient. Infrared sensors watch for approaching flame and heat, which activate the system without human intervention. A powerful DC electric pump is powered by a battery bank that is kept fully charged by an solar PV panel throughout out the year. 

The system was installed and integrated within the living roof assembly without having to make any penetrations in the waterproofing of the roof. Powerful sprays blast water injected with non-toxic biological-derived fire-retarded in 360 degrees streams all around the house’s perimeter. 

In 2019, Earthrise residence stood in the path of the ravenous Kincade Fire. The house, studio, courtyard and the living roofs were fully protected by the system.

Post wildland fire view of house
Wildland fire damage
Wildland fire damage to property
Water system supply lines
Control center -wildland fire protection system
Living roof main house
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External fire suppression system
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Healdsburg, CA
United States

Water system :

Onsite storage of ground water 10,000 gals

Irrigation :
Rooftop sprinkler spray system
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Eco-Water Systems
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