Wings of Earth

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North Facade - Living roof

Wings of Earth

Like a bird with its wings extended this house laid gracefully upon the land.

A living roof blankets the entire building keeping the interior cool even on the hottest summer days. A dormer roofed with natural slate jets out of the vegetative roof forming the entryway to the home.

A fully integrated eco-efficient home was constructed with walls of straw bales for super insulated energy performance. Interior walls were constructed from the building site’s subsoil (cast-earth) and function as thermal mass for passive heating.

Plastered with natural lime inside and out this home could only be protected by a roof made of earth and plants.

Roofscape with skylight
Roofscape with skylight
Roofscape closeup of sedums
Sedum flower with bee
Dormer roof
Roofscape of house
Year :
Size :
3,300 SF
Design :
SYMBIOS building design, living roof
Installation :
System :
Extensive 4"
Location :

Sonoma, CA
United States

Plantings :
Succulent groundcover
Irrigation :
Spray system
Project Scope :
Living Roof
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