Building with Life

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Emerisa Garden Nursery
is focus driven towards developing resilient built environments
where people and ecosystems THRIVE


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Ecotecture design

Mindful design & planning helps to ensure that the array of benefits can be achieved to its maximum potential. 


  • Pre-Design: envisioning
  • Design development
  • Value engineering
  • Construction documents
  • BIM modeling
  • Team collaboration
  • Green building certifications

Pre-construct & Installations

Our attention to construction detail and proper integration of the vegetative assembly safeguards the project for successful outcomes.


  • Living roof systems
  • Vertical gardens / living walls
  • Green infrastructure
  • Bio-swales & bio-retention planters
  • Non-potable water irrigation systems
  • Ecowater systems / water reuse Rainwater harvesting, cisterns, tanks
  • External fire suppresion systems
  • Fall safety protection systems


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Rooftop soil installation


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Maintenance services on a living roof
Post-Construction Maintenance

Our maintenance care programs range from 1 year to multiple years allowing us to monitor, nurture and steward these built ecologies into maturity.


  • Organic practices

  • Bio-amendments

  • Bio-innoculates

  • Weed abatement

  • Seeding & planting

  • Irrigation programing

  • Monitoring & soil testing


Restoration services of living roofs, earth shelter homes or rooftop gardens range from partial to full makeovers; system repairs, irrigation improvements, re-selection of plants or a re-envisioned roofscape design.


  • Assessments
  • Rehabilitation strategies
  • Full restorations
  • Improved irrigation systems
  • Rooftop soil testing
  • Re-seeding & replanting
Our evolution
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Company's Timeline
In collaboration with nature

2010 - The CORE Project

  • International Design Competition
  • Revitalization plan for the City of Sebastopol, CA
  • Awards of Excellence- Sustainability Category

2010 - The CORE Project

  • International Design Competition
  • Revitalization plan for the City of Sebastopol, CA
  • Awards of Excellence - Best Sustainability Design
  • Special Citation Alternative Parking Solution Category

2013 - GreenBuilder- Green Home of the Year

  • Best Exterior Integration Category
  • LEED Platinum house USGBC
  • Green Acres Farm & Homestead, Sonoma CA
  • Award shared with Dan Smith Architects, Hammond Fine Homes

2013 - Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

  • National Awards of Excellence - Industrial/Commercial Category
  • Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility, Petaluma CA

2013 - Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

  • National Awards of Excellence
  • Residential Category
  • Skyhigh residence, Fairfax CA

2016 - World Green Infrastructure Network

  • The Next Green Awards
  • Environment Global Category
  • AMY'S Drive-Thru Restaurants, Rohnert Park, CA

2017 - City of Sebastopol

  • Award for best Environmental consciousness

2018 - AIA/COTE Top Ten Green project

  • Award AIASF Design Award
  • Sonoma Academy 's Janet Durgin Guild and Commons
  • Santa Rosa, CA

Kevin Falkerson = Principal designer founder CEO



Kevin has several academic degrees: Environmental Science from Westchester College, B.S. degree in Ecology & Ethology from Hampshire College, Master’s of Architecture degree from and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). He is also a certified Green Roof Professional (GRP) and a licensed General Contractor.

In 1992, Kevin founded SYMBIOS, an ecological-based design/build company based in San Francisco, California. The company specialized in green construction and sustainable technologies and had developed many state-of-the-art environmental buildings and landscapes for both commercial and residential projects.

In 1998, SYMBIOS ecotecture was launched focusing on Building Integrated Vegetation (BIV), which designs, installs and maintains living roofs, walls and alternative water systems (rainwater, greywater harvesting) for use in non-potable water irrigation systems.

Kerrie Lee Cole = Director landscape designer



Initially trained in herbal medicine, Kerrie Lee continues to research and learn about the vast selection of plants suitable for the rooftop gardens. Her pursuits of horticulture studies lead her to employment in the landscape industry.

She joined SYMBIOS in 2006 as a plant specialist for living roof projects. She now directs the vegetative building division of SYMBIOS. She has gained the accreditation of a GRP- Green Roof Professional. As part of the first inaugural class, she has achieved this status after passing the rigorous program developed by GRHC organization (Green Roofs for Healthy Cities).

 Design - Construct - Sustain
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Our vehicle fleet runs on renewable bio-diesel derived from recycled vegetable oil.