Skyhigh Residence

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Pool to cistern conversion

Skyhigh Residence

An existing 1974 pool was repurposed into a rainwater storage cistern. Additional storage capacity was achieved by directing the cistern’s overflow down to an above-ground tank.

This 25,000-gallon hybrid storage system captures rain from the residence upper level metal roofs. The water is conveyed down to a vortex prefilter before entering the cistern.

The rainwater is used to provide irrigation water for sustaining the living roof during the seasonal drought cycle in California. The living roof utilizes 1/3 of this rainwater annually for irrigation and the remaining stored water is distributed to the various areas of the ground-based landscape.

Existing old pool prior to conversion
Formwork for support columns
Formwork concrete cap
Formwork support piers
Rooftop rain collection
Rainwater lines from the roofs
Pool to cistern conversion
Year :
Size :
27,000 Gals
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System :
Rainwater harvesting
Location :

Fairfax, CA
United States

Water system :

Onsite rainwater reuse system

Irrigation :
Living roof and ground-base landscape
Project Scope :
Eco-Water Systems
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