Children's Day School

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Rooftop farm roof at school

Children's Day School

An existing iconic church was converted into a private grade school with a rooftop educational farm and garden.

Since the urban site afforded no axillary land the rooftop was employed as a replacement for an outdoor schoolyard. The school’s rooftop acts as a lunchtime dinning court, an outdoor classroom and an interpretive learning center for nature.

A diverse array of drought-tolerant succulents wraps around 3 sides of the rooftop courtyard.

A farm roof constructed with raised planter boxes allow students to learn about farming through hands-on experience while growing food for the school’s kitchen.

Farm Roof school roof court
Raise planter
School Facade
succulent garden
Succulent garden
Planting bed
Rooftop living roof & food garden
Year :
Design :
Installation :
System :
Semi-intensive to intensive
Location :

San Francisco, CA
United States

Plantings :
Succulent mix and vegetables
Project Team :
Jensen Architects, Plant Construction
Irrigation :
Spray-drip hydrid
Awards :
2016 AIA San Francisco Design Awards - Citation Award
Project Scope :
Living Roof
Project Class :
Project Categories :
Farm Garden
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