Green Acre Farm

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Living roof and rainwater harvesting

Green Acre Farm

A dome-shaped living roof forms the main entry/foyer of this eco-farm straw bale house.

The sun drenched covered veranda of the pool house is also covered by a colorful landscape.

An arbor full of wisteria vines form a vegetative bridge joining the two roofscapes together into one continuous ribbon of life.

Captured rainwater irrigates the vegetative roofs throughout the dry season.

Living roof integrated with solar hot water system
Dome shaped living roof
Sloped living roof
Living roof on Pool house
Sloped living roof
Living roofs of farm compound
Year :
Design :
Installation :
System :
5" extensive
Location :

Sonoma, CA
United States

Plantings :
Mixed perennials with ground cover plantings
Maintenance :
Project Team :
Hammond Fine Homes, Dan Smith Architects
Certificate Programs :
LEED Platinum residential category
Irrigation :
Rainwater harvesting & ground water as backup
Awards :
GreenBuilder - Green Home of the Year 2013
Project Scope :
Living Roof
Project Class :
Project Categories :
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